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The essentials of managing your park, done brilliantly.
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ParkManager is the complete solution to help you professionally manage your park.
Today, more than ever before, managers and owners of park communities are turning to technology to streamline their operations, provide information for better decisions, improve customer service and be more profitable.

Organize all of your resident information in one place
Organize your resident information in one place in the ParkManager for easy access.
Account ledger with unlimited history, including all charges, late fees, payments, adjustments, deposits and cash refunds. Customer documents such as Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, scanned photos, document images
Unlimited customer Notes Water, gas and electric meters assigned to customer
Work Orders performed on behalf of the customer RV reservations made by customer
User defined fields for storing custom information about resident Resident profile for preferred billng statements, late notices, payment plans
Locate residents with search by name, phone, email, account and more Complete resident reports, export resident information to Excel

Powerful, automatic billing
Generate monthly billing for rents, fees and services at the touch of a button
Bill for rents with true location-based billing Bill for fees such as Trash, Cable TV, pet fees
Bill for Assessments at any frequency you require Supports Multiple tax rates for multiple taxing jurisdictions
Easy, automatic rate increases Provides for one-time billing charges for services and special charges
Expand your ParkManager to include metered billing for utilities >>

Inform your residents about all costs with professional statements.
Print letter size statements showing rents, fees, payments, graphs of utilities usage. Print post card statements showing rents, fees, utility usage, payments, late fees and remarks
E-mail statements showing rents, fees, payments and remarks for lowest cost and fastest delivery. All statements are saved in the customer center for retrieval at any time.
All statements can have custom remarks included on them. Custom remarks can be stored for re-use. Remittance stubs are provided for the resident to return with payment.
Statements can print in Spanish for selected residents

Payments, Late Fees, Late Notices
Inform your residents about all costs with professional statements.
High-speed batch processing of payments. Over and under-payments automatically handled.
Automatic Late Charge processing, including multiple late rates by billing code. Operator logging of payments for secure cash management.
Late payment reports show late amounts by type, includes resident contact information. Late notices in both statement and postcard formats, Spanish format included.
Add ACH and Credit Card Payment Processing to your ParkManager >>

Reports Keep your customers coming back with email campaigns
Organize your resident information in one place in the ParkManager for easy access. Extend Loans
export reports to excel property map
customer portal for customer service
`As Lakeshore is one of two parks I own, I`m often off site. The ability to zero in on the performance at each of my Lakeshore parks remotely has been really helpful.` Rodger & Denise Johnson

$29/month per park for 100 Units
Additional $5/mo for each additional 100 Units
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