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Metered billing for automatic billing of utilities.
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ParkManager Metered Billing for accurate billing of water, sewer, gas and electricity.
ParkManager will provide you with a powerful, easy-to-use solution that will allow you to manage your metered water, sewer, electric and gas services.

ParkManager is Powerful Enough to Handle All Metered Billing Requirements
Organize your resident information in one place in the ParkManager for easy access.
Processes single or unlimited billing cycles at a time. Accommodates consumption billing, flat rate billing, miscellaneous charge billing and billing based on other services billed (like sewer billings that are based on water consumption)
Allows billing of unlimited number of tiered rates. It works with user-defined, tax-ready rates. Smoothly handles rate changes, including prorating for changes within a billing cycle.
Support for recurring, automatic billing and seasonal billing. Allows easy addition of services and rates as needed to respond to management requirements.
User defined fields for storing custom information about resident Resident profile for preferred billng statements, late notices, payment plans
Locate residents with search by name, phone, email, account and more Complete resident reports, export resident information to Excel

Bill all your utilities for your entire park in seconds with one button.
Organize your resident information in one place in the ParkManager for easy access.
Fully Automatic Billing - Bill an entire route automatically. Billing is performed using meter reading supplied on a meter sheet. This mode lets you bill an entire park in a matter of minutes. Semi-Automatic Billing - Bill a route with the system calculating each set of charges. These charges are presented to the operator, where they can be confirmed. This mode gives the operator complete control over the billing process.
Manual Billing - Bill an individual meter. The system includes the capability for billing for multiple meters per account, compound meters, deduct meters and master/slave meters.
Meter rollover detection and calculation is fully automatic. Prorate billing charges automatically for easily handling of mid-month move-ins and move-outs.

Meter Reader software for reading of all sight-read meters
Organize your resident information in one place in the ParkManager for easy access.
The ABS Meter Reader Application is ready to take and bill readings immediately. Gone is the process of downloading and uploading meter readings to the handheld. The ABS Meter Reader reads and writes ParkManager 2018 meter sheets directly, so it is always ready to go. Meter readings can then be entered easily with the large keys on the display. Meters are automatically presented in read sequence order. Out of sequence reads can be performed, if required.
ABS Meter Reader Software gives your staff the information they need in the field. For every meter, the reader can access customer information, meter information and complete history usage information. This information can be updated in the field, if permission has been granted. ParkManager 2018 supports meter change-outs during the middle of a billing cycle. ABS Meter Reader Software enables your field staff to input the change-out information for the replaced meter as well as the new meter, providing a seamless and automatic change-out.

Metered billing supports industry standard meter reading systems.
Handles billing for sight-read meters, touch read meters and radio read meters in any combination and in any sequence.

Organize your resident information in one place in the ParkManager for easy access.
`As Lakeshore is one of two parks I own, I`m often off site. The ability to zero in on the performance at each of my Lakeshore parks remotely has been really helpful.` Rodger & Denise Johnson

$29/month for 100 Units
Additional $5/mo for each additional 100 Units
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