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New Park Management Software is Full Featured, Affordable and Easy to Use  
ParkManager Software Saves You Time and Effort  
ParkManager is designed specifically to help you with all aspects of managing a mobile home park. From collecting late payments to getting profit and loss reports, ParkManager is the perfect tool to help you get results with less time and effort.
ParkManager Protects the Value of Your Property
Establishing the value of your park is important if you plan on selling the park in the future or if you need to use the park as collateral for a loan. Buyers and financial institutions require 2 to 3 years of accurate financial statements to help establish the value. Without a detailed set of books, the park will not sell at all or sell for 10% less than it should have. To you, this could mean $50,000 to $100,000.
Manages Late Accounts
ParkManager helps manage residents who are behind in their payments. This improves the park`s cash flow and collections. ParkManager will:
  • List residents who do not pay by the due date
  • Print a collection report with payment plans and phone numbers
  • Charge late fees automatically on late accounts
  • Print late notices for all late residents automatically
  • Document delinquencies
  • Maintain a list of notices sent on the resident`s account for easy reference
Immediate Access to Complete Resident History
ParkManager gives you instant access to your resident`s information by organizing it all in one place. The resident`s screens show you complete:
  • Billing history, including all charges for rents, utilities, usages, fees and late charges
  • Payment history
  • Security Deposits
  • Unpaid balances on the account
  • Security information such as resident photos, Driver`s Licenses, contact numbers
  • Unlimited comments or notes
Organize Resident Forms, Documents, and Legal Notices
ParkManager can be used to create all the notices you need or you can load already designed forms into the program.
  • Forms such as applications, leases and eviction notices are kept in one convenient, easily accessible location
  • Notices can be sent to an individual or to a group of residents at one time
  • Each resident has a complete history, including the date, of all notices sent to them
Steer Your Park to Success With Accurate Financial Information
ParkManager automatically produces the financial information you need instantly. Full range of reports provide:
  • Accurate profit and loss statements showing where you are making money and what your true costs are.
  • Financial trend information giving you a 12 month breakdown on your income and expenses
  • Complete recovery of utility pass through costs, complying with state requirements
  • Easy report export to Excel

Recover Utilities Cost with RUBS and Submetered Utility Billing
ParkManager offers a full range of options for managing your client`s utility usage and recovering these costs. We provide:
  • RUBS Utility Billing. RUBS, or Ratio Utility Billing, allocates and bills utility costs to each unit. Allocation methods can include the number of occupants, the square footage, the number of appliances, or other factors that you determine. RUBS is available for water, electricity, heating, and gas utilities.
  • Sub-Metered Utility Billing allocates and bills based on the actual metered usage of water, electricity and gas consumed. ParkManager processes utility costs accurately and automatically, from meter reading, to statement, to payments. Statements conform to tiered requirements, showing your resident exactly how each charge is calculated.
  • Flat Rate Billing for services such as sewer, storage and waste disposal

Manage RV Spaces Effectively
ParkManager offers a full range of options for managing RV spaces, including:
  • RV Space Reservations. ParkManager lets you manage reservations for spaces based on arrival date, departure date, the type of space as well as location. It shows available spaces in either a list or in a map format.
  • Web Customer Reservations. With the optional website with reservations, customers can reserve space over the web whenever they want. Web reservations show available spaces for their arrival and departure date, as well as the type of space. Credit Card payment processing is included for holding their reservation.

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