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ABS Utility Billing Software is Full Featured, Affordable and Easy to Use  

Complete Billing Solutions  
Improve your billing and financial performance with our newest programs, which offer a complete, integrated solution for all types of utility systems and local governments. ABS Utility Billing is designed specifically to help you with all aspects of managing a water system. From collecting late payments to getting profit and loss reports, ABS Utility Billing is the perfect tool to help you get results with less time and effort.
American Business Software`s newest system can be accessed from multiple locations and runs on all computers, including Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Macs.
Outstanding Billing Features
Save time and reduce errors with automatic features for:
  • Accurate utility bill generation for water, sewer, electric, gas, taxes and other special charges
  • Quick access to customer account and meter histories, usage, payments and reports
  • High speed handling of payments and deposits, and front counter cash management systems
  • A range of statements with both letter and postcard formats
  • Automatic billing with seamless transfers from most industry-standard meter reading systems
Manages Late Accounts
ABS Utility Billing helps manage customers who are behind in their payments. This improves the system`s cash flow and collections. ABS Utility Billing will:
  • List customers who do not pay by the due date
  • Print a collection report with payment plans and phone numbers
  • Charge late fees automatically on late accounts
  • Print late notices for all late customers automatically
  • Document delinquencies
  • Maintain a list of notices sent on the customer`s account for easy reference
Immediate Access to Complete Customer History
ABS Utility Billing gives you instant access to your customers`s information by organizing it all in one place. The customer`s screens show you complete:
  • Billing history, including all charges for water, sewage, usages, fees and late charges
  • Payment history
  • Security Deposits
  • Unpaid balances on the account
  • Security information such as customer photos, Driver`s Licenses, contact numbers
  • Unlimited comments or notes
A Range of Options for Every Utility System
ABS offers a broad range of powerful capabilities and options. All options integrate seamlessly, to save you time and effort:
  • ACH Payments are drafted from customer`s bank accounts
  • Lockbox Payments allows third parties to accept payment
  • Multi-User Operation lets your entire team work together on a network in real time
  • Work Orders for scheduling repairs and maintenance
  • Cross Connection back-flow device testing and reporting
  • Accounting Interface links to QuickBooks, Peachtree and other accounting systems
  • Compatible with a wide range of computers and servers, including Windows, Windows Vista, Macintosh and Linux
  • Online Edition provides secure operation personnel to bill, enter readings, customers and payments from other locations
  • Online Payments allows customers to manage their accounts online and make payments using the Internet
Steer Your Organization to Success
ABS Utility Billing, together with ABS Fund Accounting, automatically produces the financial information you need, whenever you need it. Full range of reports provide:
  • Accurate revenue and expense statements showing where you are billing money and where you need to adjust
  • Financial trend information giving you a 12 month breakdown on your revenue and expenses
  • GASB 34 compliant ABS Fund Accounting system fully integrates with ABS Utility Billing
  • Meets state requirements with modifiable 34 digit Chart of Account numbers
  • Includes Budget feature with comparative analysis reports and tracks and depreciates fixed assets
  • Bank Reconcile automates bank statement reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable splits expenses automatically between funds and departments
  • Funds share Payroll liabilities and costs by percentage of work done by employees for each Fund
  • Other options are available including Purchase Order
  • Easy report export to Excel
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